The +blackriver-parks+ are landscapes of ramps in an all-in-one package.

The parks keep up with the fast pace of development in fingerboarding, because they are revised with every new generation. Peppered with unique obstacles they arise from the creativity of fingerboarding and shape its level vice versa.
Due to their size it makes most sense to place them in skateshops, parks, youth centers, schools and similar institutions!


Pictures and parks of the past

Official blackriver-parks website



From classic skateboard standards to groundbreaking innovations, all needs are fulfilled.

The sizes of the ramps are adjusted to the fingerboard scene's progression on a regular base. If you don't go forward you go back- every inch counts, be it wood, steel or stone. When it comes to the development of parks and ramps our teamriders are involved.

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All you need for decent fingerboarding, from the wooden fingerboard to the tuning kits - we've got you covered...

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Don't believe the fashion hype - it's just fabric, fellas! But check it out anyways....

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